The Web Is Dead?

Just finished reading an old article, The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet, by Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff. I get it...but I can't seem to agree. The fact that I had to read this article, online, via a web browser is just one example of how the useful the web still is. I liken his argument to those who said that mailing packages would be dead with the prevalence of e-mail, yet Fedex, UPS, and others are still pulling in huge profits AND growing. He also fails to take into account that everyone owns an iphone. Iphones are poplar and the smartphone industry is one of the fastest growing industries in technology, but not everyone has one.

The actions that he uses to back up his argument do not take into account the majority. The majority of individuals do not live life with the constant convenience of apps, nor do they wish too. The use of apps is not only a non-essential; it is also limited in its scope. I believe a lot of the things he mentions to back up this argument have truth to them, such as the fact that more people are using the internet for more than just browsing or the fact that people want things now because of a lack of time. His analogy of the industrial age in comparison to the information age also has truth to it.

The use of the traditional "web" may losing out to more sophisticated, closed systems when it comes to regular users, but it is still being extended and  introduced to others outside of the US, educational institutions, and large corporations. Apps only allow for such closed ended actions such as a direct and final purchase from a specific company. Studies have shown that most people research products before they buy...most of that research is done via the web, an open source collection of information.

On the contrary, I believe the prevalence of apps will soon die out just with the opportunity costs of having soo many. Only the few..popular apps he mentioned in this article will survive and any others that come afterwards will have to go thru the doors of the worldwide web to gain any traction. I agree with the humor behind the comment of one of the readers: "I'd like to see how long Wired lasts if it goes from web to app."

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